Clinic Closures

The clinic is closed on public holidays, some Saturdays and every Sunday.

NB. All classes are presented by Certified Instructors

Childbirth Education Classes:

We offer both 4 week comprehensive courses, on Thursday nights from 18:30 - 21:00, as well as one-day classes on Saturdays:

Course dates for 2019: 17 Jan-7 Feb, 28 Feb- 28 Mar, 4 Apr-25 Apr, 2 May- 23 May, 6 June-27 June, 4 July-25 July, 1 Aug-22 Aug, 5 Sept-26 Sept, 3 Oct-24 Oct, 7 Nov-28 Nov

Saturday  day classes: 08:00-16:00

2 Feb, 2 March, 6 April.

Presented by Sr. Amanda Lindeque

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Class

CPR Training is available for parents, au pairs, grandparents and anyone interested on Saturday mornings. Please phone 021 9399720 to book

Meet Other Mommies (M&M) Support Group

Every Wednesday afternoon.

Presented by Amanda Lindeque

Infant Baby Massage

Every Monday afternoon.
Presented by Amanda Lindeque

For further details, feel free to contact us.

Events and Conference of interest:

Please visit our Facebook page for more information on upcoming events.